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On Her Mark: Tatumn Milazzo's soccer story and positive change in Chicago

The veteran defender is entering her fourth season with the NWSL's Red Stars.

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Tatumn Milazzo steps on to the pitch every day with gratitude.

Her path to professional soccer career wasn't as smooth as she planned but the twists and turns have kept her grounded and reminded of her love of the game.

In her fourth season in the NWSL and with the Chicago Red Stars, the club's veteran defender is excited for what this group can bring to the table.

Milazzo joined NBC10's Hannah Donnelly on a new episode of the On Her Mark podcast to discuss the following topics and much more:

  • Positive impact of major offseason changes for the Red Stars club
  • Personal journey to the professional pitch after battling injury her senior year at South Carolina
  • Caliber of play in NWSL and benefits of league expansion
  • HUGE announcement of historic game at Wrigley Field in June
  • Focus on mindset and bouncing back from errors

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