Why adding Aaron Rodgers in 2021 makes sense for Patriots


Aaron Rodgers in a Patriots uniform. Can you imagine it? I can. 

When the Packers drafted Jordan Love in the first round, the football world went crazy. Speculation began immediately on what this meant for the future of Rodgers — both in the NFL and in Green Bay. Just Wednesday morning, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk floated out a few teams that may be in the running for Rodgers in 2021. 

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The Patriots were one of the teams mentioned. Florio suggested Rodgers could head to New England next season if “Jarrett Stidham doesn’t pan out.” 

Yes, yes, give me all of the yeses. I’m sure you have a ton of questions. Let me answer them. 

Why, why, whyyyyyy

First and foremost, Aaron Rodgers is one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks in this era. Trust me when I say Packers fans have long wondered ‘what could have been’ if A-Rodge worked with Bill Belichick instead of Mike McCarthy. I’ll tell you what could have been — many more Super Bowls.

Maybe, but isn’t Rodgers getting old? 

Sure, Rodgers will be 37 next season, but look around, 40 is the new 35. Or something. At any rate, Belichick has already worked with an aging but talented quarterback. He knows how to maximize talent at any age. Why couldn’t he do the same with Rodgers? 

Put Aaron Rodgers and Bill Belichick on the same sideline and the Patriots could raise banner number seven. Maybe even number eight! 

Both men would be out to prove something. Rodgers desperately wants another Super Bowl, if only to stick to all the people in Green Bay who still think Brett Favre was the better QB. I still think Belichick would like nothing more than to win one without Tom Brady. 

What about Jarrett Stidham and building for the future, you ask? 

Great question. Here’s the answer. The Pats only go after Rodgers if Stidham stinks. And if he doesn’t work this season, why not bring in a future Hall of Fame player to bridge the gap? 

Let’s say the Patriots struggle next season and get a pick in the top 10 or 15 of the draft. Let’s assume they take a quarterback in the first round. Will that quarterback be ready to take the reins out of the gate? Hell no. But with one crummy year behind them, the Patriots could bring in Rodgers to help restore that winning feeling while allowing a young quarterback to learn and develop behind one of the best. 

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Rodgers seems like a jerk. Will he help a young QB learn? 

I’d like to think he doesn’t want to be like Favre. When the Packers drafted Rodgers, Favre wouldn’t give him the time of day. Rodgers has always resented the way Favre acted and hated the idea that fans preferred the Mississippi boy which makes me believe he’ll prove he’s “better.”

But, you say, doesn’t Rodgers have a terrible attitude?

Yes, he can be difficult. My green and gold heart has no problem admitting he often acts like an entitled, whiny, petulant child who has… ahem… difficulties respecting authority.

However, I have no doubt he would respect Belichick. Rodgers likes to think he is the smartest guy in the room. But the smartest guys know when to defer to a genius. I feel pretty confident he knows the Patriot Way is an express lane to Title Town. Rodgers would fall in line under Commander Belichick.

Lastly, Rodgers is a perfect cultural fit for New England. The guy is a Grade A, philanthropic, nerd. The Northern Cali boy would relish living in a city known for its academia, arts, and culture. He’d sit courtside at a Celtics game sipping Wyc’s fancy (and DELICIOUS) tequila at night and make the rounds at the State House during the day. 

Sure beats hanging out in Ashwaubenon. 

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