Postcard From Camp, Day 10: Brady puts on a show


FOXBORO -- The Patriots welcomed the Jags to Gillette Stadium on Monday for the first of two joint practices before their preseason opener on Thursday. It was a sloppy session at times, with drops and penalties on both sides peppered throughout. There were, however, some competitive matchups to watch and Tom Brady put on a show late in the session.


* Harvey Langi, Trey Flowers, Malcom Brown, Vincent Valentime, Malcolm Butler, Stephon Gilmore, Eric Rowe, Patrick Chung, Devin McCourty, David Harris, Shea McClellin were the first group out on defense to start. Langi was in a three-point stance as a five-technique.

* Cam Fleming was in at left tackle for Nate Solder and had difficulty with Yannick Ngakoue for much of the afternoon.

* Tom Brady submitted the best plays of the day, and they came on back-to-back snaps. First he completed a bomb to Brandin Cooks deep down the middle of the field when Cooks got behind both AJ Bouye and Tashaun Gipson. Brady then hit Chris Hogan with a perfectly-placed pass down the sideline with Tyler Patmon in close coverage.

* Kickoff team 1: 32, 38, 58, 31, 43, 37, 55, 92, 36, 23

* Kickoff team 2: 24, 41, 47 , 26, 53, 48, 44, 52, 35, 25

* 42, 47o, 48o, 13 all got some time as the third kickoff team.

* Dion Lewis, Cyrus Jones and Will Likely all got work in as kick returners. Rex Burkhead and James White served in the Matthew Slater role.

* Laps for Allen and Fleming early. Langi had a lap in 11-on-11 as did Devin Lucien.

Here's what we saw


* Hogan bobbled and dropped a pass with Bouye in coverage.
* Edelman locked up by Patmon.
* Foster a one-handed catch on his back with Howard in coverage.
* Hollister dropped a tough one off his hands.
* Hogan worked his leverage on Myrick for short completion.
* Edelman broke Patmon on a short cross. Then broke him again cutting back.
* Brady nearly picked by Bouye when he and Cooks had a missed back shoulder.
* Carr ran a nice route to get open on Myrick.
* Lucien forced a hold from Robinson and beat him deep for a score on a throw from Brissett.
* Hollister beat Colvin for a good grab.
* Edelman beat up by Dixon during his route. Would've been pass interference.

* Butler beaten by Lee on a go route.
* Gilmore physical with Robinson. Borderline flags, though.
* McCourty jumped a Lewis route and dropped the pick.
* Chung broke up a pass intended for Sterling

* Brady incomplete for Gronk. Ball bounced off of Gronk's shoulder pads.
* Brady incomplete for Cooks with Patmon in coverage.
* Brady complete to Gronkowski with Jack (44) in coverage.
* Brady tucks and runs. Good coverage by Jags.
* Brady complete to Hogan with Patmon in coverage.
* Brady complete to White with 27 in coverage.

* Garoppolo complete to Lewis over the middle.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Lucien. Pass was dropped.
* Garoppolo complete to Cotton.

* Brady complete to Cooks.
* Brady complete to Cooks.
* Brady incomplete for Burkhead in the back of the end zone. Ball was caught but juggled out of bounds.
* Brady complete to Edelman for the score.

* Garoppolo complete to Hollister in the back of the end zone for the score.
* Garoppolo complete to White for the score.


* Ivory run.
* Ivory run.
* Bortles complete to Robinson.
* Bortles scramble.
* Henne in. Roberts runs over Yeldon.
* Henne complete to Bohanon.
* Grant run.

* Brady incomplete to Gronkowski. Gronkowski dropped.  
* Brady incomplete to Cooks. Cooks misjudged and dropped it.
* Brady incomplete to Edelman.
* Lewis run.
* Garoppolo in. Complete to Bolden.
* Bolden run.
* Garoppolo complete on screen to White.

* Bortles complete to Robinson. Wise in on the pressure.
* Bortles incomplete for Lee. Lee dropped it.
* Bortles incomplete to Hurns. Rowe in coverage.
* Bortles complete to Yeldon.
* Bortles complete to Lee.
* Bortles incomplete to Hurns. J. Jones there in coverage to break it up. Hurns is hurt.
* Henne in. Henne incomplete deep down the sideline. Richards there in coverage. Langi pressure. Good game with Grissom.
* Henne complete to Sterling with Thompson in coverage. Valentine pressure.  

* Brady complete to Edelman.
* Brady complete to Edelman but would've been sacked off the left edge by Church.
* Brady incomplete. Would've been sacked off the left edge by Yannick Ngakoue.
* Brady complete to Cooks. Ngakoue got in on Brady again. Went low.
* Brady complete to White on screen.
* Garoppolo in. Complete to Lucien.
* Garoppolo incomplete to White. White dropped it.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Washington. Washington dropped it.

* Bortles complete to Fournette.
* Fournette run.
* Bortles complete to Green with J. Jones in coverage.
* Ivory run.
* Bortles incomplete for Bohanan. Langi in coverage.
* Bortles incomplete for Lee. Coleman PBU.
* Henne in. Grant run. Roberts steps up to stop it.
* Henne complete to Cole for the score. Harris closest in coverage.
* Grant run. Flowers there to stop it.

* Brady complete to Hogan.
* Brady complete to Bolden on a screen. Nice block by Mason.
* Brady complete to White.
* Garoppolo in. Lewis run.
* Lewis run.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Allen. Sailed out of the back of the end zone.
* Brady in. Burkhead run.
* Brady incomplete for Edelman out of the back of the end zone.
* Brady incomplete for Edelman. Ngakoue pressure off the left end.

* Bortles complete to Robinson. Miscommunication between Butler, Jones.
* Bortles complete to Lee with Butler in coverage.
* Bortles complete to Lewis.
* Bortles picked by Butler who undercut Robinson's route.
* Bortles complete to Lee.
* Bortles complete to Green.

* Brady incomplete to White. Pass was dropped.
* Brady complete to White. Mason had some trouble with Malik Jackson.
* Brady complete to Cooks deep down the field. Cooks got behind Bouye and Gipson.
* Brady complete deep down the field to Hogan with Patmon in tight coverage.
* Brady incomplete for Edelman. Edelman called for offensive pass interference.
* Brady complete to White.

* Henne complete to Fournette.
* Henne complete to Wynn.
* Henne incomplete to Cole. Kenny Moore PBU.
* Henne incomplete to Koyack. Thompson PBU.
* Henne incomplete. Grissom forces a hold.
* Henne incomplete for Cole.

* Brady picked by Doran Grant. Free play because of offsides call. No pick.
* Brady complete to White.
* Brady complete to Edelman.
* Brady complete to Edelman.
* Brady incomplete to Edelman. Edelman dropped it.
* Brady complete to Cooks in the back of the end zone. Ridiculous one-handed catch.
* Cannon false start.
* Brady complete to Cooks
* Brady incomplete for Allen. Myrick PBU.
* Brady complete to Cooks for another score. Myrick right there in coverage.

* Bortles fumbled snap.
* Hamilton stuffs Fournette at the goal line. Adam Butler also involved as well as Malcom Brown.
* Bortles complete to Lewis with Van Noy in coverage.
* Fornette stuffed at the goal line. Guy, Wise, Hamilton, Butler clogging thugs up.

* Bolden gets in at the goal line.
* Bolden stuffed.
* Burkhead stuffed.
* Burkhead hit at the four by Howard and stumbling, but he kept his balance to get in.

* False start Lucien.
* Foster run.
* Brissett incomplete to Washington.
* Brissett incomplete to Lucien. Lucien dropped it.
* Daniels run.
* Brissett tuck and run. Good coverage.
* Brissett picked by Jean-Baptiste.
* Brissett incomplete to wide open Hollister down the sideline.
* Brissett incomplete to Foster.
* Brissett complete to Hollister.
* Daniels run.
* Brissett complete to Maye.

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