Nick Wright calls Patriots rookie Mac Jones a ‘bad quarterback' in baffling take


New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones did not play well over the final four weeks of the regular season.

That's an objective take based on his individual stats, the eye test and the team's overall performance. He threw just six touchdowns with five interceptions and completed 59.8 percent of his passes over the last four games. The Patriots went 1-3 during that stretch, including Sunday's Week 18 defeat to the Miami Dolphins.

Jones, to be fair, had an impressive rookie season overall. He led all first-year quarterbacks in passing yards, touchdowns, QB rating, completion percentage and other stats.

Perry's Report Card: Mac Jones was a pass fail in worst outing of season

Nick Wright isn't impressed, though.

The "First Things First" co-host, who never shies away from criticizing Boston sports teams/athletes, had some scathing criticism for Jones after the Patriots' lackluster loss against the Dolphins.

"He stinks. Ever since (Bill) Belichick emasculated him on national television, he’s been awful, except for one game against the (Jacksonville Jaguars)," Wright said Monday on FOX Sports 1. "He’s been terrible. He’s playing his worst football, at the worst time of the year, when all the other rookie quarterbacks are showing growth because they were allowed to make mistakes early."

Wright ended his rant saying, "I know bad quarterbacks. That’s a bad quarterback.”

Watch the entire take in the video below. Wright even goes as far to say he thinks Texans rookie Davis Mills is better than Jones.

Wow, an entire Nick Wright take without mentioning LeBron James? That's pretty surprising.

In all seriousness, Wright is obviously being way too harsh on Jones. The Patriots were 7-9 last season and missed the playoffs, while ranking at or near the bottom of the league in most passing statistics.

Fast forward a year and the Patriots won 10 games, came to close to claiming the AFC East crown and secured a playoff spot with a rookie quarterback at the helm during the 2021 campaign.

It was an impressive accomplishment for Jones, who took over a complex offense and threw for 3,801 yards, 21 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 17 games. 

And the season isn't over yet. The Patriots are preparing to play the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Wild Card round Saturday night. It will be a new and challenging experience for Jones, but he has performed well on big stages throughout his career. 

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