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Did Jack Jones call out Patriots fans in response to Mac Jones video?

Jack Jones claims Mac Jones is happy to be away from Patriots fans, not Bill Belichick.

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Former New England Patriots cornerback Jack Jones had Patriot Nation riled up Friday night after a post on X that seemingly called out the New England fan base.

On the topic of how much happier former QB Mac Jones appears now that he is with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the now-Las Vegas Raiders cornerback suggested that Jones' new-found happiness is not because he is away from the coach who benched him, Bill Belichick, but rather the entire fan base of New England.

In a video posted on X by the Jaguars, the former first-round quarterback acted in a way that would replicate his personality from his rookie season in New England -- comfortable and having fun. Jones joked that he likes to rap, adding that he could finally let everybody know now that he's not in New England.

Jack Jones' post on X is seemingly in response to fans commenting on how much happier the Alabama product looks in Jacksonville, and the cornerback appears to be insinuating that Belichick wasn't the problem -- the fan base was.

The 26-year-old, who played five games for the Patriots last season before being released after Week 10, may not be alone in his thoughts on the New England fan base -- according to a 2023 poll conducted by The Athletic of 85 anonymous NFL players, Patriots fans tied for seventh for the most annoying fan base.

Jones' Friday night post is not the first time the DB has sounded off against New England since being released. Just a week after his departure from the Patriots, the 2022 fourth-round pick called out Patriots reporters and fans, telling them to "get off."

Mac Jones has yet to say anything negative about his time with the Patriots, instead taking the time to write a thank you letter to his teammates, coaches, and the fan base.

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