Heading into 10th Super Bowl, Belichick says career ‘beats working'


HOUSTON -- The Patriots’ motto is “Do your job,” but Bill Belichick apparently sees a difference between a job and work. 


Belichick’s job is to coach and general manage the Patriots. He does that job better than anyone else in the NFL and has for a long time. 

Asked Tuesday how he’s been able to sustain not just his success, but motivation to work into his mid-60s, Belichick used an old cliche. 

“I don’t really see it as work,” Belichick said. “This actually beats working. You get to do what you love to do.” 

Belichick is in his 17th season as head coach of the Pats. Sunday will mark his seventh Super Bowl with the team and 10th in his coaching career. He said that he doesn’t think about legacies, but he’s appreciative of those who have helped him get there. 

“We have a great staff and players work hard,” Belichick said. “They’re very cooperative and compliant and have a great attitude about playing unselfishly, working selfishly. It really doesn’t feel like work. I try to give everyone an opportunity to do their job and have a lot of people that do it very well.” 

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