Eagles players say Brady's TB12 method isn't for them


ST. PAUL -- We know how Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson feels about Tom Brady and his "TB12 Method." Brady's image and his brand irked Johnson to the point that he called him a "pretty boy" following the NFC title game. 

Johnson's teammates weren't quite as strong on their opinions of Brady's approach during the NFL's "Opening Night" at the Xcel Energy Center. But they did indicate that the TB12 Method, the diet, in particular, wasn't for them. 

Nick Foles said, essentially, to each his own. 

"It's not what I'm doing right now," he said. "When it comes to nutrition, that's something I'm very interested in. My wife is as well. Everyone has a different palate. Everyone has different nutrition. Everyone has a different makeup so that's something that works for him. Doesn't work for me. 

"I love eating good meats. Obviously, I like vegetables, but I have to put a lot of butter on them because it's hard to eat them just [as] vegetables. I'm from Texas. We love barbecue so I couldn't give that up."

Fletcher Cox, a 6-foot-4, 310-pounder from Yazoo City, Mississippi who went to Mississippi State in Starkville, wasn't all that interested either. Upping his vegetable intake? Snacking on nuts? Eating seasonally -- that means "cold property" foods in the summer and "hot property" foods in the winter? Not for him.

"No, you gotta bring me some good pork," Cox said. "Some pig. Bring me some pigs. Some baloney. Something like that. Some Little Dooey [barbecue] from Starkville . . . 

"You gotta bring me something like that. I'm a country boy, man. I gotta get my greens. And I'm a d-lineman too so I'm fat. You gotta feed the big man, you know? I gotta eat."

Eagles center Jason Kelce acknowledged he'd like to try something that resembled the Brady diet for a short period of time to see how his body responded. Maybe a day or two, he said, but he was concerned about maintaining his weight on that kind of plan. 

From beneath a coonskin cap and through a bushy beard, he said he simply likes meat too much not to include it in his day-to-day plan. Asked if he'd killed and eaten the animal who used to wear the fur atop his head, Kelce laughed. 

"I wish," he said. "Would be a much better story that way."


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