Could Josh McDaniels leave Patriots for Browns or Panthers?


Josh McDaniels once again is set to be a coveted head coaching candidate.

The New England Patriots offensive coordinator almost certainly will have interviews lined up with NFL teams in need of a new head coach heading into 2020. Two offseasons ago, McDaniels infamously accepted a job with the Indianapolis Colts before getting cold feet and opting to stay with the Patriots. Following the 2019 season, McDaniels was connected to both the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers.

Albert Breer from the MMQB expects McDaniels to be a candidate for two particular head coaching jobs after this season. He explained Thursday night on NBC Sports Boston's "Arbella Early Edition."

I think there are two jobs that Josh would have left for last year: the Cleveland Browns, the Green Bay Packers. One interviewed him and didn't give him an offer, the other one didn't interview him at all. I think there are two jobs he would leave for this offseason: the Cleveland Browns and the Carolina Panthers.

I think in both spots the owners are interested in Josh McDaniels. In Cleveland, he'd get to go home and he'd get to work with a quarterback in Baker Mayfield that he really likes. In Carolina, the coach is going to have a lot of power.

He could bring someone with him, potentially. Somebody like the pro director here in New England, Dave Ziegler, could be his assistant GM. The owner there is going to give the coach some power over that. So I think in both situations there will be a chance to set things up the way that he wants to set them up. 

So what odds would Breer give for McDaniels to leave New England?

50/50. I would say that right now, it's going to be based on one of those two teams giving him an offer. If the Carolina Panthers or Cleveland Browns give him an offer, set things up the way he wants it, I think that he goes to one of those two teams.

The Browns still employ Freddie Kitchens as their head coach, but that isn't likely to last considering their incredibly disappointing season. As for the Panthers, they fired longtime head coach Ron Rivera earlier this month.

For now, McDaniels is focused on helping the Patriots make yet another run at a Super Bowl title. They'll take on the Miami Dolphins in an important Week 17 matchup Sunday, then it's on to the playoffs.

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