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P.J. Washington trolls Jayson Tatum after Hornets upset Celtics in OT

It was an exciting Monday night in Charlotte.

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The Charlotte Hornets and their fans probably had Monday night's game against the Boston Celtics circled on their calendars for a couple months now.

You might remember Jayson Tatum over the summer talking to kids at a Nike camp and conveying a message about playing as much as possible. It was basically a critique of load management. One thing that sets Tatum apart from other superstars is he rarely misses games, especially for rest.

One part of the video was an example he used about playing the Hornets.

"Me, I don’t decide, 'S---, we playing the Hornets tonight, I'mma chill.' I only get to go to Charlotte two times a year. Somebody paid their money tonight to come watch me play,” Tatum said. “I’m not trying to be arrogant -- there’s a bunch of kids in there with my shoes and my jersey on. And just because we’re playing Charlotte on NBA League Pass on a Monday and ain’t nobody f---ing watching, I’m not like, 'All right, I’m chilling tonight.' That's not what the great players do.”

The NBA's schedule makers, either on purpose or just by coincidence, scheduled the Celtics to play the Hornets on a Monday night. And if you didn't live in the Boston or Charlotte markets, you had to watch on League Pass.

The Celtics led nearly the entire game but collapsed down the stretch and lost 121-118 to the Hornets in overtime. Tatum finished with a game-high 45 points but missed a game-tying free throw late in OT.

Hornets forward P.J. Washington couldn't resist trolling Tatum after his team's upset victory.

Well played, P.J.

Tatum and the Celtics still have one more game in Charlotte this season, and it's also on a Monday night (April 1). You can bet the Hornets will be fired up for that matchup, too.

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