The Making of a Logo: The Bruins introduce the Spoked ‘B'


When a logo represents a city? That’s the good stuff.

The Bruins first shift to using the famed block B in 1932. By the time they win their third Stanley Cup in 1941, the Bruins are wearing black and gold, replacing the original brown and yellow scheme.

As players return to their teams following the end of World War II, the Bruins make it to the Stanley Cup Final in 1946, losing to Montreal in five games. With the franchise’s 25th anniversary, the Bruins make a lasting change by introducing the “spoked B”; it’s a nod to Boston’s nickname of The Hub, finding its origin in the Oliver Wendell Holmes work The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. In it, he refers to the Boston state house as the hub of the solar system. Argument exists over his intent, but the fact remains: the Bruins and the “spoked B” represent their city — The Hub.

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