Report: Browns called Patriots for Garoppolo trade on Day 1 of the draft


When Browns decision-makers were asked about their work on Thursday night, the topic of conversation inevitably turned toward the quarterback position. 

They made three picks in the first round of the draft. Though they grabbed talented players in defensive end Myles Garrett, safety Jabrill Peppers and tight end David Njoku, they finished the day with no changes to their personnel at the quarterback position.

"When it's time for us to get one," said coach Hue Jackson. "Obviously, it didn't happen today, but it's not like we didn't try. I guarantee you that."

Jackson wasn't lying. It turns out they did triy. They just tried to get a quarterback who wasn't available.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Browns connected with the Patriots on Thursday night to inquire about trading for Jimmy Garoppolo. They were told, per Schefter, that the Patirots were "not interested."'s Mary Kay Cabot believes that because the Browns have so much draft capital -- two first-rounders and three second-rounders in next year's draft -- they will inquire about a Garoppolo deal again on Friday. 

The Browns picked up an extra first rounder in 2018 when they traded back from No. 12 overall to No. 25, giving the Texans the opportunity to draft Deshaun Watson. 

Under head of football operations Sashi Brown, Cleveland has now passed up the chance to draft multiple first-round quarterbacks.

Last year the Browns traded out of the No. 2 pick, where they could have selected Carson Wentz.

This year, they had the top overall selection and went with Garrett over any of the passers. When Mitch Trubisky was taken at No. 2 overall and Pat Mahomes went at No. 10 to the Chiefs, the Browns clearly were not inclined to draft Watson at No. 12 and moved back again. 

If the Browns were to find a way to land Garoppolo, they'd likely have the best of any of those players mentioned above. But the fact that Garoppolo does not seem to be available means that Cleveland will have to wait another year before it has its quarterback.

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