Pollard: Brady should not have been suspended


Lines have been drawn. It seems as though everyone in football has taken sides on in the case of Tom Brady versus the NFL. 

While who stands where has been relatively predictable -- New England fans are backing the Patriots quarterback fervently -- there is the occasional surprise. 

One of those surprises came on Friday afternoon when Bernard Pollard joined Sirius XM Radio and made it known that he thought Brady never should have been suspended for Deflategate.

"When you look at it all, and you know, I do not like Tom Brady as a competitor -- somebody that's playing against him because he is a competitive player," Pollard said. "I respect the [urine] out of him because the guy knows how to win, and the guy, you can say whatever you want about him, but the guy is a true champion. He understands it.

"For me . . . do I feel that he should be suspended four games? I'm gonna tell you: No. This dude, they say everybody's doing it, and yeah he just happened to get caught. If it was him or somebody [else], I don't know who it was, how they did it, when they did it. But this dude is a competitor, man. I don't think he should've been suspended for four games. But I'm not the commissioner, I'm not on that committee that suspended him, and I know he's going to fight tooth and nail like he does on the field to get back on the field with his team."

Pollard, who put the hit on Brady's left knee that ended Brady's season in 2008, is currently a free agent. The nine-year veteran played five games for the Titans last season.


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