Patricia, McDaniels onto ‘the task at hand' after head coaching interviews


There wasn't a lot of lounging around happening for Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia over the weekend as they readied for the week of the Divisional Round. Both Patriots coordinators went through a series of head coaching interviews in recent days, setting themselves up to potentially moving on form the jobs they've held since 2012. 

McDaniels took interviews with the Colts, Bears and Giants. Patricia met with the Lions, Cardinals and Giants. (The Bears announced on Monday that they'd hired Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy, leaving McDaniels with a pair of potential options remaining.)

McDaniels, who is making a run at his second go-round as a head coach, is a veteran of postseason interviews and seemed unaffected by what's transpired thus far. 

"No idea really," McDaniels said on where things go from here with the interview process. "You know, just obviously did what was allowed and then have kind of refocused on moving into this week and getting ready for Tennessee. So, I have no other information, and that’s about where it stands right now."

Patricia has never served in a head-coaching capacity but has interviewed in the past. Last year he met with the Chargers and Rams about their openings, and in 2016 he interviewed with the Browns.

"It’s always a learning experience, like when I’ve been through it before," Patricia said. "You know, you have the opportunity to learn about some other franchises and get a chance to talk about how they do things and really just kind of broaden your whole overall education of what the NFL and the different organizations are. So, it’s always a very informative process. It’s interesting when you go through it.

"The good part about it is when it’s done, then you really just kind of flip your focus back to the task at hand. So, really at that point, it was the three teams trying to prepare for who we were going to play, and then it obviously got narrowed down and full steam ahead on Tennessee trying to get ready to defend a very talented group. So, quickly we’ve got to turn the page and get all of our attention and focus, details to getting ready for them."


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