NFL offseason report cards: Which teams aced free agency, draft?


The draft dust has settled. First and second-tier free agency is over.

While there are still going to be roster tweaks and adjustments before the offseason truly ends, it’s 90 percent done in terms of player acquisition. Maybe more.

So how did everyone do? Let’s roll through what appear to be the key losses and additions and slap some grades on.

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We know there’s no way to know. Maybe some team picked up a former seventh-round pick left tackle in a trade and will go on to win the Super Bowl with him and see him become the highest paid lineman in NFL history.

Or some UDFA in on a tryout will cap the Super Bowl with a pick on the goal line. That stuff does happen. And we can’t account for it.

Nonetheless … to the GRADES! Teams are listed in the order of our predraft NFL Power Rankings.

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