McCann: NFLPA needs to prove appeal process was flawed


On Tuesday, a source told an ESPN/ABC legal analyst the union would take Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s case to court if his four-game suspension wasn’t overturned entirely. 

Then another report emerged explaining what the NFLPA's plan of attack would be if Brady's appeal goes to court.

Legal analyst Michael McCann says Brady and NFLPA's best chance of winning in court is to go after how Roger Goodell and the league have handled the appeal.

"They can't say, 'well, Deflategate didn't happen, this is all science,'" explained McCann on Arbella Early Edition. "There's Roger Goodell being the presiding officer over an appeal in which he himself is implicated in the controversy.

"Roger Goodell is in charge of the referees, we know the referees had some issues in terms of measuring the ball pressure, in terms of a lack of record of what occurred before the game, misplaced footballs. That's key evidence. How do you implicate Tom Brady if the evidence has this kind of uncertainty? How are you then the judge over this? … There has to be fairness in arbitration. I get that the Players Association gave up a lot to the NFL. That doesn't mean they can do whatever they want."

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