Madden simulation has Patriots coming out on top


Remember Stephon Gilmore’s standout defensive play - batting a Jaguars pass away on 4th-and-13 - to close out the Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game? Get ready for deja vu in the Super Bowl.

At least that’s the way EA Sports’ Madden video game sees it in their annual Super Bowl simulation.

The simulation predicts a 24-20 victory for the Patriots over the Eagles. So much for the Madden Curse for cover boy Tom Brady, who wins his sixth Super Bowl title for himself and New England, if the prediction holds.

But the hero is Gilmore. Here’s how the EA Sports’ release describes the finish, after Brady tosses a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola in the fourth quarter to make it 24-20, just like against Jacksonville in the AFC Championship Game:

“…After forcing an Eagles punt, the Pats were on their way to a grind-out-the-clock win when the fates intervened, and Eagles safety Malcolm Jennings forced a strip fumble of New England running back Dion Lewis.

"Capitalizing on the momentum the Eagles marched upfield, using masterful clock management to put themselves in position to dethrone the Patriots in dramatic fashion. As time expired [Nick] Foles lofted a desperate pass to [Alshon] Jeffery, hoping the veteran could use his size and physicality to come down with the ball and send the city of Philadelphia into euphoria. However, Patriots defensive back Stefon Gilmore had other plans, and rose as the hero of the moment, knocking the ball away and sealing the Patriots sixth championship."

Madden simulations have nailed 10 of the past 14 Super Bowl winners, including last year when it called a Pats victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

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