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Jerod Mayo's ex-Pats teammate: Anything he touches ‘turns to gold'

"He has a knack for being successful."

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Even Jerod Mayo is unsure if Jerod Mayo will be a successful head coach with the New England Patriots, something he candidly admitted to reporters Monday at the NFL owners' meetings.

But those who know him best all seem convinced that the Patriots linebacker-turned-head coach will thrive in his new role.

That includes former Patriots offensive lineman Sebastian Vollmer, who came to New England the year after Mayo (2009) and spent seven seasons as Mayo's teammate that included a Super Bowl victory in 2014.

Our Patriots Insider Phil Perry asked Vollmer on the latest Next Pats Podcast if he knew Mayo had head coach potential when the two played together. Vollmer responded with a strong endorsement of his ex-teammate.

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"Oh, yeah. He has that," Vollmer said of Mayo on Next Pats. "Like as a player, for example, if you sit him at the lunch room by himself at a table eating, within less than two minutes, I bet you three, four or five more guys would sit next to him.

"He just has that personality -- you just want to soak it in, want to be with him, learn, talk. We got really close over the years, and he's a leader, there's no doubt about it. Heck of a player, extremely smart, high football IQ. I mean, he ran the defense (as a player)."

Several of Mayo's former teammates have raved about his magnetic personality and wealth of football knowledge; ex-Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, for example, admitted Mayo was the first person he turned to when he made a brief cameo as a defensive back.

"I always needed his justification when I was playing defense," Edelman told NBC Sports in February. "Because if Jerod said it you knew it had to be right."

Mayo doesn't have the extensive track record of other NFL head coaches; he spent five seasons as the Patriots' inside linebacker coach from 2019 to 2023 and never held a coordinator role before taking over as head coach. But the 38-year-old does have experience other coaches lack, having briefly worked in the business world for the health services company Optum after his playing career ended.

And Vollmer believes Mayo is the type of person who will succeed at whatever he does.

"Anything he touches like in business, sports, whatever it is, it kind of turns into gold," Vollmer said. "He has a knack for being successful, and I believe in him, for sure."

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