Indy Star columnist bludgeons Colts GM Grigson


Gregg Doyel twisted the tail of the Patriots and their fans on plenty of occasions since January.

On Wednesday, Doyel went waaaayyy past tail-twisting though. And his target wasn’t in New England but in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Star columnist skinned alive Colts general manager Ryan Grigson. Grigson was the one that passed on what he thought was rock-solid intel to the NFL that the Patriots were in the habit of deflating footballs after they’d been tested by officials.

But Doyel’s takedown has nothing to do with the haughtiness of the weaselly Grigson in the DeflateGate mess. Rather, Doyel takes Grigson down limb-by-limb for the personnel decisions on the field and on the sidelines that have led to the Colts becoming league laughingstocks.

Doyel’s hit piece was triggered by the team’s removal on Tuesday of offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton.

Writes Doyel: “Meanwhile, the GM who put that comically bad offensive line in front of quarterback Andrew Luck earlier this season, the GM who put together this oddly too-old, too-young team — the GM who hired Pep Hamilton, of all people — stays in charge.

When the nuclear winter comes, Ryan Grigson will survive it. That’s all I’m saying.”

Later, Doyel adds, “The actual ailment is the guy calling the shots, the general manager who runs the franchise with the attitude of a Polian (Bill) and the football acumen of a Polian (Chris). Grigson carries himself like the smartest guy in the room — “he thinks he invented football,” one veteran player told me this week — but doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.”

Doyel’s dead-on. The Colts – with Grigson in charge – gave up a first-round pick for the glacially slow and unimaginative running back that the Cleveland Browns took third in the 2012 draft. Richardson gained 519 yards in 15 games for the Colts before being released in 2014. The Colts recent drafts have been laughably bad – this past May, they passed on defensive tackle Malcom Brown in order to take midget outside receiver Phillip Dorsett. That move for a team whose defense couldn’t stop a shopping cart if it had a head of steam. They added a few fossilized stars, had an underachieving middle class and still somehow convinced enough people in the media to take them seriously as a Super Bowl contender.

Not sure if that’s more damaging for our industry or for Grigson. Probably both.

Oh, and he has reportedly feuded and undercut head coach Chuck Pagano at a stunning rate while attempting to ingratiate himself to one of the most bizarre and unstable owners in professional sports, Jim Irsay.  

So enjoy the Doyel read. For all the screeds of his you might have hated, this one makes up for them.

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