Dolphins' Kenny Stills thinks his trash talk got to Tom Brady


FOXBORO -- You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind and you don’t direct crap-talk at Tom Brady. Unless you are Kenny Stills.

The Dolphins wideout rode the Patriots Hall of Fame-bound quarterback pretty good from the Miami sideline during Sunday’s game and -- as Stills sees it -- it had an effect.

I just was hollering at him all game. We feel like if we can get in his head, that’s the best way to try and win this game. I was trying to do my part.

After Stills and Brady exchanged looks and words in the second quarter following a near sack of Brady, the Patriots quarterback threw just his third pick of the season to end that drive.

Stills responded by jumping up and down on the Miami sidelines pointing to his helmet.

“I just was hollering at him all game,” said Stills after the Patriots' 35-17 win. “We feel like if we can get in his head, that’s the best way to try and win this game. I was trying to do my part.”


Brady finished 18 for 28 for 227 yards and four touchdowns along with that pick. Stills had three catches for 47 yards.

Stills didn’t see his trash talk as particularly sinister. He says it’s just part of his game.

“I enjoy being out here, I love playing football, I love playing against the Patriots and every Sunday getting an opportunity to play,” Still said. “I did everything I could to mess with him and get in his head. I talked to him after the game. He hears me. He’s laughing. We’re all just having a good time.”

Brady was intercepted in the second quarter by Bobby McCain while the Patriots led 21-10. Miami couldn’t narrow the New England lead though as Matt Moore -- without apparent goading from the New England sideline -- threw an end zone pick to Stephon Gilmore.

Stills thought that the fact Brady looked over at him and yelled back, then -- two plays later -- threw a pick, was persuasive proof his talk made a difference.

“I can’t say I was definitely in his head, but who knows,?” said Stills. “Any team, if you can rattle the quarterback you have an opportunity to win the game. We know if the defense can get to Tom and put hands on him, hit him a couple of times you have a higher percentage at winning the game. It’s the same with any quarterback. I was just talking a little trash and having a good time. I’m just playing football. Some people think it’s talking trash. To me it’s just ball.”

Stills and Brady will have a chance to re-engage in two weeks when the Patriots face Miami.


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