Countdown to Camp: How do Pats rebuild secondary post-Revis?


The Patriots secondary will look a lot different this season –- with the biggest absence being that of Darrelle Revis, who decided to return to the Jets after winning a Super Bowl in New England.

How do the Patriots rebuild the secondary after Revis leaves? 

Tom E. Curran and Mike Giardi discuss in the Countdown to Camp.

"Mike it’s like going from a three-piece suit with a nice striped tie to a toga," Curran said. "It’s not good enough, this is a downgrade from that. The Patriots have experienced a downgrade in that particular position. They’re taking one of the best players at his position generationally and taking him out. What they do differently? Where can they make it up. If you look at some other parts of this defense, especially the linebacker level, that's where it starts to speak to me as maybe they’ll be ok."


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