Brady, Gronk roll around in the Fenway outfield as if to say ‘We're OK!'


Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have in all likelihood made Patriots fans a little nervous at different points this offseason.

What they did on Monday afternoon seemed to be an effort to put those worries at ease.

By rolling around in shallow right field, wrestling over Brady's Super Bowl LI jersey before Brady threw the first pitch for Opening Day at Fenway Park, the All-Pro quarterback-tight end duo seemed to be telling anyone watching, "We're fine, guys. Really. We're fine."

Both players have probably heard -- whether on their social-media accounts or elsewhere -- concerns about some of their offseason endeavors.

First, it was Brady, who posted a video to Instagram of him wiping out on the ski slopes. He then admitted (in the reply David Beckham...what a world) that he dinged his left shoulder. No biggy, he wrote.

Then it was Gronkowski, whose 2016 season was cut short after undergoing back surgery. He's been hanging out and generally rambunctious with his good buddy and WWE wrestler Mojo Rawley, cheering at one of his Smackdown matches, getting him ready for Wrestlemania, and then helping him win at Wrestlemania with what might be described as the opposite of a form-tackle

Hanging on the couch and waiting for minicamp, these guys are not.

Nor should they. Gronkowski reportedly got permission from the Patriots to do what he did in the ring on Sunday night. And you can bet there's nothing in Brady's contract against him skiing if he's posting videos online of himself french frying when he was supposed to pizza. They have lives and interests outside of football.

As uneasy as that may make fans, Brady and Gronkowski's goofy jersey-theft reenactment seemed to be a statement that there's nothing to worry about until there is.

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