Belichick says McDaniels has done ‘solid job'


A steady stream of NFL head coaches are cleaning out their offices for good on this Monday morning.

Will Josh McDaniels be moving into one of those offices soon? The likelihood certainly exists. The Patriots offensive coordinator is going to curry attention in at least a few NFL cities over the next month, Philadelphia and Cleveland are among the places that may show interest.

The fact the Patriots earned a bye means that, per NFL rules, contact with McDaniels can be made and an interview can be arranged during this "off" week.

I asked Bill Belichick on Monday to appraise the work of McDaniels this season.

"I do think that the end of the season last year was important, was good, because it gave him an opportunity to interact and see and be involved with first-hand where we were with some of those guys," said Belichick. "Some of them weren't here when he was here before."

McDaniels was hired by the Patriots last January after the coaching staff in St. Louis was jettisoned. McDaniels became the Rams offensive coordinator after an eventful year-and-a-half in Denver as the head coach.

McDaniels' offensive acumen is obvious. He's been the coordinator for Patriots teams that have put up two of the highest scoring seasons in NFL history.

"Josh, he does a good job in all areas," added Belichick. "Player evaluation, scheme, technique, playcalling. He's done a good job. I've been really fortunate with Charlie (Weis), Josh, Billy O'Brien. We've had really good offensive coordinators here along with the rest of the offensive staff because they all work together on it. There's a lot of things that they all contribute in addition to the coordinator. (Josh) has done a solid job for us, as all the assistants have.

"What you need to do in this league is improve," Belichick added. "You have to be a better team at the end than you are at the beginning. (The assistant coaches) worked hard to do that."

Asked if he believed McDaniels was a good candidate, Belichick answered, "As far as any other situation, I have no idea what somebody else is looking for or what their criteria is or what their situation is for that matter. As an outsider I really have no idea about what's going on somewhere else.

"As I said, I think Josh has done a great job this year along with the rest of the offensive staff and the rest of the coaches as well. As it relates to him. Solid job."

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