‘Tom vs. Time' episode two released, ‘the mental game'


The second episode of 'Tom vs. Time' released today. It was a different focus than the debut. This second feature primarily hones in on the mental side of the game.

Brady talks about his binders and binders full of notes, reading defenses pre-snap, and watching film every waking hour of the day.

He breaks out film from the 2001 Super Bowl, then speaks of his deep regret during the 2007 Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

After watching film, Tom speaks of some of the deliberations he goes through with the coaching staff, including butting heads with McDaniels at some points.

The Patriots QB also admits to some shoulder pain after an early season loss to the Panthers.

On a recent Quick Slants The Podcast, filmmaker Gotham Chopra, who created the series, with Brady, discussed the project:

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