Scott Brown lauds Wakefield and Varitek


What's that old saying about the way to a voter's heart being through hisher sports team?
Sen. Scott Brown, who figures to face a tough re-election battle against Elizabeth Warren this fall, released a radio ad Wednesday in which he celebrated the careers of recently retired Red Sox stars Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek.
According to the Boston Herald, the ad doesn't mention Warren or the upcoming election. Instead it focuses on the two former Sox.
"Well its spring training again, and while its fun to look forward to a new season of Red Sox baseball I want to take a look back for just a moment. Two of my favorite players are retiring - people who meant a lot to us over the years," said Brown

"Whatever comes next for these two guys, they are both Hall of Famers in my book and I wish them the same happiness they brought me and every other Red Sox fan."

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