Petrus ‘fortunate' to go from Giants to Patriots


FOXBORO -- Former New York Giants offensive lineman Mitch Petrus didn't dare bring his Super Bowl ring into the Patriots locker room this week after signing with the team that his former Giants beat in last year's big game.
"I'm trying to get another one," he said with a confident smile after Wednesday's practice.
Petrus stood in front of his locker at Gillette Stadium and acknowledged the luxury of being able to not just get a second chance with an NFL team, but to get it with another NFL team that will be a contender down the stretch.
"I'm fortunate to be going from one great to another, that's for sure," said Petrus. "So I'm definitely happy to be in the situation that I'm in.
He compared both the Giants and Patriots organizations as well, saying that both teams prepared in similar fashion.
"Pretty much it's the same," he said. "Everybody's really focused on what they're doing and the task at hand, and what they have to do. I think it's similar."
Petrus said all he's focused on, right now, is memorizing the Patriots "massive" playbook.
"It's obviously a massive amount, learning all the calls and stuff," he said. "So that's kind of my main focus right now."

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