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On Her Mark: Raising empowered athletes with Kirsten Jones

Kirsten Jones' new book helps parents navigate the intense youth sports landscape.

Performance coach and author Kirsten Jones joins the On Her Mark Podcast.
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Performance coach and author Kirsten Jones joins NBC10’s Hannah Donnelly on the “On Her Mark” podcast.

As a former Division I athlete, nationally-recognized performance coach and podcast host, Kirsten Jones is no stranger to finding success on and off the pitch.

In her new book, "Raising Empowered Athletes: A Youth Sports Guide for Raising Happy, Brave, and Resilient Kids," Kristen combines her experiences as an athlete and as a mother of three to help parents, coaches, and mentors support kids in achieving success in sport while becoming well-rounded and resilience human beings in a chaotic, and often intense, youth sports landscape.

Natalie joined NBC10's Hannah Donnelly on a new episode of the On Her Mark podcast to discuss the following topics and much more:

  • How to define "empowered athletes"
  • Why good, positive coaching is important to athlete growth and longevity
  • Meddling parents - is there ever a time it's appropriate to intervene in a coach-athlete relationship?
  • Non-negotiable mindset for higher performers in sport, business and life

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