Gortat to Celtics? Not likely


BOSTON -- With the trade deadline approaching next month and big men in demand, Celtics fans have expressed their desire to see Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat in green and white this season.
But even after the Suns fell to 12-25 following an 87-79 loss to the Celtics on Wednesday, Gortat said he is not looking to force his way off his struggling team.
"Basically I just don't want to feel like a loser and escape," he told CSNNE.com. "The team needs you and then all of a sudden you escape because you said you wanted to be traded or you asked for a trade? It's not like that.
"If someone's going to decide to trade me, it is a business. I'll understand that. But now I'm on the Phoenix Suns and I'm going to help."
At 6-11, Gortat is averaging 11.6 points, 8.9 rebounds, and 2.0 blocks per game. While he turned down a multiyear contract extension in October, according to the Arizona Republic, he said he will not demand to be moved. His contract expires after the 2013-14 season.

"Right now I feel like it's hard to leave this sinking boat, you know what I mean, just go to a different team and escape from everything," he said. "I started with this team in training camp. I've been here for three years right now. This is my third year and basically I'm trying to help this team, help this team as much as I can. That's the main goal, but I learned also that this is business. Whatever's going to happen is going to happen."
Gortat said his parents taught him not to run from his problems growing up in Poland.
"I've never escaped in my entire life from anything like that," he said. "I never took any shortcuts. Basically I'm just going to try to play and help my team as much as I can."

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