Gonzalez not fit for Boston?


Adrian Gonzalez is on pace for one of the worst statistical seasons of his career.

With only five home runs to date, Gonzalez is projected to finish the year with 13 homers, his lowest since 2005.

Steve Buckley and Joe Haggerty suggest the slugger may not be comfortable playing in Boston.

Buckley would be happy to see Gonzalez turn into Don Mattingly, with 18-20 home runs each season, a notion Haggerty finds appalling giving Gonzalez's age, contract and the reasons for bringing him to Boston in the first place - the power.

While they disagree on their expectations for the first baseman (and now outfielder), both agree that Gonzalez may not be happy in his new city.

Part of the cause may be the shuttling between first base and right field, but it certainly seems like there's something bother Gonzalez.

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