CELTICS TALK PODCAST: Conversation with Celtics fan and New York Times culture writer Sopan Deb


A conversation with Celtics fan and culture writer for the New York Times, Sopan Deb

10:00 -- Celtics struggling since returning home, lack of a second scorer. Should the Celtics make a move. Is a trade more likely than using the DPE on a buyout?

16:40 -- New York Times culture writer Sopan Deb -- follow him on Twitter -- joins the Celtics Talk Podcast to talk about how he became a big fan, going back to the Antoine Walker/Paul Pierce years.

20:20 -- Deb talks about whether he feels the Celtics have over achieved this season, plus he weighs-in on whether the C’s should look to make a deal.

22:15 -- Would he go all-in on Anthony Davis if he ever became available?

26:40 -- Speaking of New Orleans . .. we talk about how they could be a tough match-up in the playoffs for any team, including the Warriors.

29:30 -- Sopan discusses the drama and “fighting” the NBA went through this week.

31:25 -- Finally, as we do with all of our guests, we ask Sopan: Will Gordon Hayward return this season?

Also, Brian Scalabrine sits down with  Brad Stevens to discuss what he might do when his coaching career is over.


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