Who has been the biggest disappointment for 2015 Sox?


The Boston Red Sox have seen their fair share of disappointment in the 2015 season.

But who has been the biggest disappointment?

"I'm going to go with Rick Porcello," said Dan Shaughnessy. "They gave him $82 million, they're committed to him. They are - you want to call it stuck, whatever - this is the guy. To come out and perform the way he has after that."

Kirk Minihane says Porcello is the "obvious choice," but the runner up would be outfielder Rusney Castillo.

"You're paying him $72 million to learn how to play baseball at age 28," said Minihane. "That is a definition of a disastrous contract. I do believe they saw him play once or twice. I really do believe they didn't scout this guy."

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