Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor sits in Aaron Judge fan section


BOSTON — The Red Sox may not fare too well if they ever appear in front of the Supreme Court.

Aaron Judge’s rise to stardom led to a fan section in right field called the Judge’s Chambers. Judge has been struggling mightily in the second half, hitting .181 with seven home runs after slugging 30 in the first half. But on Thursday night, he had the support of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor — a Bronx native — who was sitting in, well, Judge's Chambers.

Sotomayor was shown on the Yankee Stadium jumbo screen after the first inning, waving a foam gavel and wearing a black robe. All who sit in the section wear traditional black robes.

The cheering section is small: three rows in Section 104 in right field, close to the traditional bleachers, per

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