Merloni: Weekend series shows Sox need another arm


The Red Sox' starting rotation still leaves a lot to be desired. 

The team needs to straighten out the Clay Buchholz situation and find the right spots for guys like Joe Kelly and Justin Masterson. But what's arguably more pressing, according to Lou Merloni, is bolstering the bullpen. 

"The one thing I took away from this weekend was Clay Buchholz. The guy was throwing real well. You were finally getting a No.1-type performance from the guy but unfortunately we know it’s Clay, so to rely on that, now he finds himself on the disabled list," Merloni said. "This weekend, especially today, what we saw was man, do you need a bullpen? You need another arm or two. You can’t rely on [Alexi] Ogando and [Junichi] Tazawa every night."

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