Mazz: Farrell should have Ortiz pick – play first or sit


Tony Massarotti is giving David Ortiz a choice. Actually, he's telling Red Sox manager John Farrell to give Ortiz one.

"David, you pick - he's hitting .128 against lefties - you can either play first base against this lefty, so we can DH Hanley [Ramirez], or you can sit. Your call. Put it on him. You get to choose. You get to pick. If you want to sit two days a week you can, or you play first. Your call."

Massarotti and his radio partner, Michael Felger, of 98.5 The Sports Hub's "Felger & Mazz" show, aren't happy with Ortiz' less than enthusiastic repsonse to playing more games at first base.

"To be public with it at this time, that's just poor form," said Felger.

Watch the video above for the complete discussion.

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