McQuaid at a loss regarding Thomas


Most of Tim Thomas Bruins teammates had taken a guarded or dispassionate approach to the goalies decision to step away from the team for the 2012-13 hockey season.

The ever-thoughtful Adam McQuaid is no different.

The hard-hitting defenseman was a bit separated from the rest of the Bruins team during the end of the season as he waited for the concussion fog to clear his head, and clearly didnt see the Thomas moving coming.

But then again, who did?

The tough-as-nail blueliner said he was definitely shocked that the 38-year-old two-time Vezina Trophy winner needed to address issues of friends, family and faith rather than focus on his last contracted season with Boston. The goalie may never fully explain his reasoning behind walking away from the team, but his teammates were rightfully giving him the benefit of the doubt until they had more information.

Yeah, its pretty surprising. I dont know what to say. Its easy to judge, but who knows about the finer details, said McQuaid. Im definitely a little shocked.

The move leaves Tuukka Rask and Anton Khudobin as the starting goaltenders for next season in Boston, and will also leave even greater responsibility to stout defenders in front of the net like McQuaid.

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