Tanguay: Kraft's fiery speech was about saving face


Robert Kraft feels duped (again) this time by the NFL. But if Kraft does, indeed, feel that he had a deal with Roger Goodell to lower Tom Brady’s suspension, he's either naïve or stupid or both. And we know he's neither.

Was there a handshake? A written agreement? A promise from the commissioner? No, or else Kraft would have said so. At best, Goodell told Kraft some along the lines of “I'll take everything into consideration, Robert.”

Kraft’s us-against-them speech today was about saving face. Nothing else. He apologized for standing down and accepting a $1 million fine and the loss of two draft picks at the owner’s meetings in San Francisco. Personally, I think the fans owed an apology to Kraft for getting mad at him over that, for turning their backs on the man who brought them four Super Bowl titles for playing ball.

In my opinion Robert Kraft didn't surrender to the NFL because he thought or even “hoped” Goodell would take it easy on his quarterback. He did it because his owner buddies put the peer-pressure squeeze on him. Kraft had no choice but to take his medicine. Granted, the dose of the medicine was grossly unfair, didn't fit the crime, and was of malpractice proportions. But he had no choice.

Furthermore, if Kraft should be angry at anyone it should be Brady. According to Judy Batista of NFL.com a reduction to one game was discussed. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported that a deal for a one- or two-game suspension was on the table, but Brady would have to admit guilt and apologize. He wouldn't agree to that and will no doubt fight on. Brady could have fallen on the sword for his owner and this whole thing would be over with.

Today, Robert Kraft tried to save face in front of his fans and get his groove back. A deal with the commissioner had nothing to do with it.


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