Tanguay: Goodell ‘afraid to make a decision' on Brady


The Deflategate saga seems to be going on forever in the eyes of New England Patriots fans.

But is there an end in sight? Roger Goodell told CNBC that there should be a resolution "hopefully soon."

Looking at the video of the conversation, Gary Tanguay isn't convinced that there will be a resolution in the near future.

"We've made such a big deal about this, 'it could come as soon as next week, the Brady decision,'" said Tanguay. "He didn't say that. All he said was 'could be' and 'soon.' He didn't say anything. The media is blowing this completely out of proportion.

"He's afraid to make a decision. Just say it. Nothing has changed. Time has not changed anything, it has not been on his side at all."

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