Patriots' 2018 schedule set: Packers, Vikings coming to Foxboro


The 2017 season has a long way to go -- and the Patriots hope it concludes in Minneapolis in early February -- but it's never too early to look ahead to 2018.

Especially since the Patriots' schedule is set.

The dates and times aren't -- that all gets released in April -- but the Pats, and every other NFL team, know who and where they'll be playing. Based on the schedule formula set up years ago, in addition to their nomal home-and-homes with their AFC East division rivals the Pats in 2018 will play teams from the NFC North and AFC South. They'll also play the division champs from the AFC West and AFC North, as they -- and every other team -- has games against the other teams in their conference that finished in the same position.

The schedule is:

Buffalo Bills (AFC East) Buffalo Bills (AFC East)
Miami Dolphins (AFC East) Miami Dolphins (AFC East)
New York Jets (AFC East) New York Jets (AFC East)
Green Bay Packers (NFC North) Chicago Bears (NFC North)
Minnesota Vikings (NFC North) Detroit Lions (NFC North)
Houston Texans (AFC South) Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC South)
Indianapolis Colts (AFC South) Tennessee Titans (AFC South)
K.C. Chiefs (AFC West champ) Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC North champ)


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