New NFL uniforms 2022: Ranking the best alternate looks


In perhaps the biggest NFL news of the summer so far, 13 teams have unveiled new alternate or throwback uniforms for the 2022 season.

The rash of new uniform sets comes after the NFL lifted its one-helmet rule, which prohibited teams from wearing different colored helmets.

From a few classics to fresh new designs, some teams might be unrecognizable at first glance this season. But we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a ranking of the best new NFL uniform sets for 2022:

1. New England Patriots (throwback)

The Pat Patriot look is iconic, and it should probably just be the Patriots’ full-time uniform. From the clean white helmet to the gorgeous red jersey, this design has no errors. New England fans will remember these throwbacks fondly, as their lasting memory was Tom Brady rocking them in 2009 while defeating the Titans 59-0 in the snow.

2. Cincinnati Bengals (alternate)

It feels like these helmets were rumored for years with fans creating photoshops. Now, the all-white set is a reality. This alternate look could become a staple for Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase over the next few years if Cincinnati continues to contend. While the Bengals have to have orange in their primary set for obvious reasons, the alternates will be great on occasion.

3. Dallas Cowboys (throwback)

The Cowboys’ Thanksgiving throwback from 2004 to 2012 has finally returned. The white helmet with the navy star was Dallas’ original look before it switched to the now-customary silver lids. To pair with the throwback helmet, the Cowboys will wear navy jerseys with white on the shoulders and a navy star.

4. Atlanta Falcons (throwback)

The Falcons have worn this black throwback jersey since 2016 with a black helmet, mashing up two eras to create an inaccurate throwback. The look is now correct, and it is beautiful. The red helmet with the old-school falcon pairs well with the all-black jersey. Like the Patriots, nobody would be upset if this was Atlanta’s full-time look.

5. New York Giants (throwback)

While it doesn’t make much sense to have two different shades of blue for your helmet and jersey, it just works for the Giants. The fact that New York won two Super Bowls while wearing this set may or may not have something to do with that. The jersey is simple – all blue with red and white trim – but simple is better in this case.

6. Houston Texans (alternate)

The Texans’ uniforms are badly in need of a spark. Houston hasn’t once updated the set since the franchise was founded in 2002, but it’s finally adding an alternate helmet in 2022. The jerseys still could use a refresh, but there’s no doubt that the new “battle red” helmets pop. The new helmet will pair with the Texans’ red alternate jersey.

7. Arizona Cardinals (alternate)

Speaking of teams that need an updated uniform, I present to you the Cardinals. Arizona’s look has become stale, with the primary red helmet blending in with the all-red bird logo. That’s why these new black helmets stand out, because the logo finally sticks out when it’s placed on a black background. These helmets will be worn with Arizona’s black alternate and black color rush sets.

8. Carolina Panthers (alternate)

The Panthers, who have only worn silver helmets since the franchise debuted in 1995, unveiled a black alternate helmet. It’s not a terrible look, as it pairs well with any of their three jerseys, but the black logo clashes with the black background. A blue or white helmet might have looked better with the Panthers’ logo.

9. New Orleans Saints (alternate)

The Saints changed things up with a black helmet that can pair with any of their three jerseys (black, white, white color rush). New Orleans has only worn a black helmet once in its history – in a 1969 preseason game. Most teams with an alternate black helmet just replaced their primary color with black, so at least the Saints added the mini logos all over the top to give it some character.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (alternate)

OK, so this isn’t necessarily a bad look. But was it necessary? The Eagles’ primary green helmet worked fine with the alternate black jersey. Fans weren’t asking for an alternate black helmet – the only new uniform anyone in Philadelphia wants to see is the kelly green throwback, which is likely coming in 2023. If that happens, the Eagles could top this list next season.

11. New York Jets (alternate)

The black helmets just won’t stop, will they? The Jets could’ve won fans over with a throwback set, but instead they opted for a helmet to pair with the black color rush uniform. It’s the first time that the Jets will wear black helmets in franchise history.

12. Chicago Bears (alternate)

The Bears’ orange alternate jerseys are always fun to see once or twice a year. Adding an orange helmet to go with them just feels like a lot of orange. The set may look better on the field, but a white alternate helmet with the bear logo like this would’ve been a perfect option.

13. Washington Commanders (alternate)

I commend Washington for trying to be different … but this just doesn’t work. There’s a reason that you rarely, if ever, see a team logo on the front of a helmet instead of the sides. On top of that, there’s no need for this franchise to go away from the burgundy and gold. It’s their traditional, iconic look – regardless of the mascot name.

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