McCourty credits post-draft doubters as motivation


By Tom E. Curran

When Devin McCourty finished his post-draft meet-and-greet with the New England media last April, I told him that, traditionally, first-round picks host a weekend party for the media.Wide-eyed, he sought out Patriots media relations overlord Stacey James who pursed his lips and shook his head, "No."Sadly, that's not the moment McCourty remembers from last April. SpeakingTuesday with internet strongman Mike Florio on PFT Live, McCourty said that the first questioning posed to him that day helped spur himto abrilliant rookie season. "As soon as I got to Boston, I had to do an interview for the media about being drafted, and the first thing someone said to me was, Did you realize to the fans and the media youre not a popular picknot many people wanted you?" McCourty told Florio."And I just think as a player and as a competitor, when you hear those things, its a challenge. Throughout the whole season I had that in the back of my mind."McCourty's been a bit of a debutante during the past month or so, appearing with Florio and on ESPN's First Take with his brother Jason, a corner for the Titans. After a Pro Bowl season - one in which he would have been Defensive Rookie of the Year if not for a man named Suh - McCourty is allowed to enjoy the fruits of his work. A couple of other snippets from McCourty's time with Florio . . .On Randy Moss: "To line up against Randy and Tom Brady every day in practice, and get beat numerous times. It definitely got me ready for the season.On preparation: When I sat with Coach Belichick before the draft, when he was asking me questions about the defense, I was able to answer a lot of questions probably, as a coach, he didnt expect a corner to know.Tom E. Curran can be reached at Follow Tom on Twitter at http:twitter.comtomecurran.

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