Colin Kaepernick's attorney tries to link Patriots to his client


Colin Kaepernick is one of the most polarizing figures in American sports. So are the Patriots, at least outside New England.

So -- Kaepernick on the Patriots?

Heads would explode from coast to coast. Especially Donald Trump's, who's been using Kapernick and the NFL as a punching bag to rile up his base and who counts Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick as friends (though it sounds like Tom Brady is off his Christmas card list after Brady skipped the White House ceremony celebrating the 2016 Super Bowl championship and later disavowed the MAGA hat that Kraft apparently put in his locker).

So leave it to TMZ to tie the two together:

Derek Carr's regression in the last two years, and especially his play in the opening two losses of this season, makes the Raiders a semi-logical landing spot for Kaepernick (if you turn a blind eye to the fact that the Raiders are paying Carr $25 million a year). But the Patriots? With Brady? Really?

Well, look a little closer at the article itself. Actually, you don't have to; Tom E. Curran did:

Agree? Maybe you want to cast a vote in Tom's poll:

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