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Belichick cracks joke about his coaching future with Patriots

A rare moment of levity from the Patriots head coach.

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Bill Belichick is just trying to prepare for the New York Jets, but he flashed a brief moment of self-awareness Tuesday.

The New England Patriots head coach was wrapping up his weekly interview with WEEI's The Greg Hill Show -- which included multiple questions about his future as he enters what could be his final week in Foxboro -- when he interjected with an unprompted quip about how he'd announce any significant news about his 2024 coaching plans.

"You know if I was going to do anything I'd put it out there on Twitter and MyFace so everybody could see that," Belichick said. "But if I don't do that, then I'll just keep it private."

This isn't the first time Belichick has jokingly referenced a fake social media platform. In fact, he has an extensive history of making up fictitious social media companies to pan that part of the internet.

But this might be one of the first times Belichick has acknowledged (if sarcastically) the possibility that he won't be coaching the Patriots past this season. That shouldn't necessarily be surprising; our Tom E. Curran reported that a "decision was made" to part ways with Belichick after New England's loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 10, and while ownership has a right to change its mind, Belichick has "expressed doubt about his future in New England," according to the Boston Sports Journal's Mike Giardi.

So, it's nice to see Belichick bring some rare levity to what could be a contentious situation after the Patriots' season finale against the New York Jets on Sunday. But that one-liner was all he offered Tuesday regarding what the future holds.

"Whatever success I have had, I've tried to go about my job the same way every week -- win, lose, good years, bad years, whatever they are," Belichick said in response to several questions about his future, as transcribed by ESPN's Mike Reiss.

"Each week, get ready to go for that week, do the best you can to help your team win, and after that game move on to the next one. And at the end of the season, that's the end of the season.

"But on a week-to-week basis, I don't want to spend time, or get caught up in what happened five years ago, or what's going to happen two years from now, and a bunch of other random stuff. Just working on the Jets.

"… I'm committed to the team that I'm coaching right now, the players that are here. They deserve my best every day and that's what I'm going to give them."

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