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2024 NFL Draft order: How loss to Giants improves Patriots' odds of top pick

The only positive about the Patriots' season is their chances of landing a top-five pick.

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The New England Patriots took another step toward securing a top-three pick in the 2024 NFL Draft with their 10-7 loss to the New York Giants in Sunday's Week 12 game at MetLife Stadium.

Starting quarterback Mac Jones was benched for the fourth time this season, and backup Bailey Zappe didn't fare much better as New England's offense failed to score 20-plus points for the 10th time in 11 games this season.

The good news for the Patriots -- and there isn't much right now -- is that the loss improves their chances of landing a high pick in the first round of next year's draft. New England currently has a 38 percent chance of earning a top-two pick, per ESPN Analytics. It would have been nine percent if the Patriots beat the Giants.

The Patriots briefly owned the No. 2 pick, but they fell back to No. 3 following the Arizona Cardinals' (2-9) loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday afternoon.

The next opponent is the Los Angeles Chargers, who aren't very good but do have a massive advantage over the Patriots at quarterback with Justin Herbert. The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have a good QB, but their defense is excellent and they're playing for a playoff spot. The Denver Broncos are playing much better of late. And who knows, could Aaron Rodgers be back for the New York Jets in Week 18?

The Patriots don't have a ton of easy matchups left on their schedule, which is encouraging for fans hoping the team loses as many games as possible to improve its draft position.

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  • Week 13: vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  • Week 14: at Pittsburgh Steelers (Thursday)
  • Week 15: vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Monday)
  • Week 16: at Denver Broncos (Sunday Night Football)
  • Week 17: at Buffalo Bills
  • Week 18: vs. New York Jets

Here's the updated top 10 order for the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. (UPDATE: The Bears' win over the Vikings on "Monday Night Football" gave the Patriots extra cushion in the race for a top-three pick.)

10. Tennessee Titans, 4-7

9. L.A. Chargers, 4-7

8. New York Jets, 4-7

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4-7

6. New York Giants, 4-8

5. Washington Commanders, 4-8

4. Chicago Bears, 4-8

3. New England Patriots, 2-9

2. Arizona Cardinals, 2-10

1. Chicago Bears (via Carolina Panthers, 1-10)

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