Welker: Saints bounty program crossed a line


New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker joined Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware and Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews on NFL Network's 'NFL Total Access' Wednesday night to discuss the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal.

The trio, collectively, was surprised that a coach told players how and where to hurt specific opposing players and said that they hadn't encountered similar situations.

"This is definitely is something that hadnt been practiced," said Welker. "I dont think Ive ever heard of something like this. Ive heard of the interceptions, a tackle inside of the 20 on kickoffs, different things like that. But Ive never heard about trying to take guys ACLs out or concussions, or anything like that. Thats definitely something that Ive never really heard of.

Hit them hard, hit them right in the face, different things like thatOK, I understand thatbeing physical, wanting to play physical," he said of Gregg Williams' speech prior to the San Francisco 49ers playoff game. "But specific injuries and going after their head because they had a previous concussion or going after an ACL or anything like that, there is definitely a line that was definitely crossed.

"It was definitely shocking," Welker continued. "I would never wish an ACL injury on my worst enemy, just going through that and everything that you have to go through. Its painful and its not something that literally I wish on my worst enemy.

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