Valentine blames himself for Red Sox loss


TORONTO - His starter couldn't get an out in the sixth inning and was charged with five runs. His lineup was without a hit in with runners in scoring position through the first eight innings.
But Bobby Valentine blamed himself for the Red Sox' 7-3 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays Tuesday night.
Valentine lifted starter Daniel Bard with two on and none out in the sixth and summoned lefty Justin Thomas to face left-handed-hitting Eric Thames.
When Thames walked and righty J.P. Arincibia was due up next, Valentine elected to stay with Thomas.
The result? A hard-hit single to center, which scored two runs and set up a third when Colby Rasmus followed with a sacrifice fly.
What had been a 3-1 game quickly got away from the Red Sox and became a 6-1 rout.
"I should have brought in Matt Albers there with the bases loaded,'' said Valentine. "It might have still been a 3-1 game if we get a ground ball there for a double play. Maybe we would have won that game.
"It was just a dumb move.''
Valentine added that he also disregarded suggestions that the Sox change their approach to some Jays hitters.
"I should have made an adjustment after three of them said something about throwing away,'' said Valentine. "We just kept throwing inside -- my fault.''
Later, when it was pointed out that Valentine seemed more upset than after any other loss to date, Valentine said: "I don't like being dumb. I like doing what I'm supposed to do."

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