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Listing the most valuable NBA franchises after Mark Cuban sells stake of Mavericks

NBA franchises are more valuable than ever as prices continue to rise

Mark Cuban
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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban attends a basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers at Arena on Nov. 22, 2023 in Los Angeles.

It's a great time to own an NBA team -- just ask Mark Cuban.

The billionaire businessman officially sold his majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday for a reported $3.5 billion.

Better yet, Cuban reportedly worked out a deal with the buyers (Adelson family) so that he could retain control of basketball operations and keep shares in the team. Cuban bought the Mavericks for $285 million in 2000, netting him a $3.215 billion profit for the transaction. He retains a 27% stake of the franchise after the deal.

With Cuban's deal in mind, here's a look at the most valuable NBA franchises of 2023 (valuations via Forbes, as of October 2023):

1. Golden State Warriors, $7.7 billion

Owners: Joe Lacob, Peter Guber

Last sold: 2010 for $450 million

2. New York Knicks, $6.6 billion

Owners: Madison Square Garden Sports (led by James Dolan)

Last sold: 1997 for $300 million

3. Los Angeles Lakers, $6.4 billion

Owners: Todd Boehly, Mark Walter, Jerry Buss Family Trusts (led by Jeanie Buss)

Last sold: 2021 for $1.35 billion (27% of team to Boehly and Walter), 1979 for $20 million (100% of team to Buss)

4. Boston Celtics, $4.7 billion

Owners: Boston Basketball Partners (led by Wyc Grousbeck and Stephen Pagliuca)

Last sold: 2002 for $360 million

5. Los Angeles Clippers, $4.65 billion

Owner: Steve Ballmer

Last sold: 2014 for $2 billion

6. Chicago Bulls, $4.6 billion

Owner: Jerry Reinsdorf

Last sold: 1985 for $16.2 million

7. Dallas Mavericks, $4.5 billion

Owner: Adelson family, Mark Cuban

Last sold: 2023 for $3.5 billion (73% to Adelsons)

8. Houston Rockets, $4.4 billion

Owner: Tilman Fertitta

Last sold: 2017 for $2.2 billion

9. Philadelphia 76ers, $4.3 billion

Owners: Joshua Harris, David Blitzer

Last sold: 2011 for $287 million

10. Toronto Raptors, $4.1 billion

Owners: Bell Canada, Larry Tanenbaum, Rogers Communications

Last sold: 2012 for $400 million

11. Phoenix Suns, $4 billion

Owners: Matt Ishbia, Justin Ishbia

Last sold: 2023 for $4 billion

12. Miami Heat, $3.9 billion

Owner: Micky Arison

Last sold: 1988 for $32.5 million

13. Brooklyn Nets, $3.85 billion

Owner: Joe Tsai

Last sold: 2019 for $3.2 billion

14. Washington Wizards, $3.5 billion

Owner: Ted Leonsis

Last sold: 2010 for $551 million

15. Denver Nuggets, $3.37 billion

Owner: Stan Kroenke

Last sold: 2000 for $202 million

16. Cleveland Cavaliers, $3.35 billion

Owner: Dan Gilbert

Last sold: 2005 for $375 million

17. Sacramento Kings, $3.33 billion

Owner: Vivek Ranadive

Last sold: 2013 for $534 million

18. Atlanta Hawks, $3.32 billion

Owner: Tony Ressler

Last sold: 2015 for $730 million

19. San Antonio Spurs

Owners: Peter J. Holt, Sixth Street Partners

Last sold: 1996 for $76 million

20. Milwaukee Bucks, $3.2 billion

Owners: Jimmy Haslam, Dee Haslam, Wes Edens

Last sold: 2023 for $875 million (25% of team to the Haslams), 2014 for $550 million (100% of team to Edens and Marc Lasry)

21. Utah Jazz, $3.09 billon

Owners: Ryan Smith, Ashley Smith

Last sold: 2020 for $1.66 billion

22. Portland Trail Blazers, $3.08 billion

Owners: Paul G. Allen Trust (led by Jody Allen)

Last sold: 1988 for $70 million

23. Detroit Pistons, $3.07 billion

Owner: Tom Gores

Last sold: 2011 for $325 million

24. Oklahoma City Thunder, $3.05 billion

Owners: Professional Basketball Club LLC (led by Clayton Bennett)

Last sold: 2006 for $325 million

25. Charlotte Hornets, $3 billion

Owners: Gabe Plotkin, Rick Schnall

Last sold: 2023 for $3 billion

26. Orlando Magic, $2.95 billion

Owners: DeVos Family

Last sold: 1991 for $85 million

27. Indiana Pacers, $2.9 billion

Owners: Herbert Simon, Stephen Simon

Last sold: 1983 for $10.5 million

28. New Orleans Pelicans, $2.55 billion

Owner: Gayle Benson

Last sold: 2012 for $338 million

29. Minnesota Timberwolves, $2.5 billion

Owners: Marc Lore, Alex Rodriguez, Glen Taylor

Last sold: 2021 for $1.5 billion

30. Memphis Grizzlies, $2.4 billion

Owner: Robert Pera

Last sold: 2012 for $377 million

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