Tanguay: No. 1 seed or not, Celtics have found their way


Today is a great day! It’s 80 degrees out, I busted out my favorite flip-flops and there is only five months until the Patriots' opener. With this rush of positive energy, I am here to lay down the real deal with your Celtics.

The Green can clinch the top spot in the East tomorrow night if they beat the Bucks. Big whoop. We all know Cleveland is the best team in the conference and Toronto is the second-best team. 

While the above is true that is no reason to be down on what the Celtics have accomplished. This roster has emptied its tank. These players have performed up to their capabilities.  Furthermore, this coaching staff has motivated them to do so, which is no easy task in the NBA. Just ask Fred Hoiberg in Chicago and Tom Thibodeau in Minnesota.

More important than this paper mache Eastern Conference title is the Celtics have discovered their way. 

There is a Celtic Way, a foundation firmly in place thanks to Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens. Agree or disagree, but players like Demarcus Cousins are not welcome here. This was evident by what New Orleans gave to Sacramento.  Despite what I think, rookies like Jaylen Brown are not going to be rushed to the head of the class. 

I can pooh-pooh getting the No. 1 seed all I want, but I have to admit to be in the top spot AND have a lottery pick is pretty sweet. So, the Celtics may not be a true No. 1 seed but . . . they are on their way. 


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