Shaq all set for ‘The Big Road Trip'


By Jimmy Toscano

The Shaquille O'Neal experiment was by and large a failure, due to team expectations this season and the fact that Shaq couldn't suit up for the second half of the season and the playoffs.

Hey, the man tried his best, but at his age, mileage, and health, there just wasn't anything left in the tank. More recently, he announced his retirement from the NBA, therefore ending his contract with the Celtics a year early.

For those reasons, there are many Celtics fans who can't get him out of town fast enough.

As it turns out, they won't have to try very hard.

The Celtics bought Shaq a nice little retirement gift, and by little, we mean ridiculously big.

Shaq posted the video of his new RV, courtesy of the Celtics, on Tout . . . we'll wait while you pick your chin up off the floor.

Pretty insane, huh?

"Here's that new Shaq-mobile," he said while filming. "Look at it. This is my retirement present from the Celtics. Danny Ainge, thanks boiee."

On behalf of Mr. Ainge himself, your welcome, Shaq. And thank you, for um, yeah . . . about that.

Sure he can't walk, but who needs to walk when you can get around via Shaq-mobile?

Shaq's girlfriend, better known as "Hoopz" from the reality show "Flaver of Love", has tweeted that the two are going to take it on a cross-country trip. And you can bet it will be well documented (We smell a new reality show in the makings).

But seriously, Shaq Diesel finally has a form of transportation that lives up to his nickname.

If he starts the trip in Maine, maybe he can give Glen Davis a lift. Davis has been busy lobster fishing (lobstering?) off the coast. Check out the video. Portion control Glen, portion control.

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