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Paul Pierce jokes he wants โ€˜P.J. Tucker minutes' on a 10-day contract

"You ain't never lost your confidence, I'll give you that!"

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Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce joined his former teammate Kevin Garnett's podcast, KG Certified, to talk about "The Truth's" recent Instagram post of the retired small forward draining 3-pointers in an open gym.

"Give me a 10-day [contract]," Pierce said to Garnett, with fellow ex-Celtic Tony Allen also in attendance. "I got the cameraman to come follow the whole process."

Pierce, who last played for the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2016-17 season, played a key role in Boston's success throughout the 2000s, helping the Celtics raise Banner 17 in 2008. In his 15 seasons with the Celtics, the Hall of Famer averaged 21.8 points, 6 rebounds, 3.9 assists, and 1.4 steals per game -- good enough for 10 All-Star appearances.

After his time in Boston came to an end, Pierce had stints with the Brooklyn Nets, the Washington Wizards, and the Clippers before hanging up his shoes for good.

Now 46 years old, Pierce is still convinced he could carve out a role in today's NBA.

"I can get an open 3, they give out open threes like 'c'mon over here, [expletive]'," Pierce said.

"That P.J. Tucker, you knocking it down?" Garnett interjected.

"Man, give me them minutes," Pierce said with enthusiasm.

The 38-year-old P.J. Tucker, now with the Clippers, has found a way to stay on a roster years beyond his prime. Tucker never put up numbers comparable to Pierce's, but he found relevance by becoming a leader in the locker room. Tucker will never lead his team in points, rebounds or assists, but he's OK with that -- he's a rare type that knows his role, and chooses to focus on excelling at said role.

"If I'm shooting 10 corner threes right now, today [two wide open, a couple with a hand in the face], I'm going to hit like six of those," Pierce added.

Tony Allen attempted to chime in with a dispute, but Pierce immediately interjected by saying, "You don't say nothing, you're going to go 0-for-10."

Allen played with the Celtics from 2004 to 2010, where he hit just 29.4 percent of his shots from deep.

"You ain't hitting six threes," Allen said to Pierce. "I'll give you four, I'll meet you there, you're 40 percent for sure."

Pierce averaged 36.8 percent from deep throughout his career, tied for the seventh-most threes made per game across the 2000s with 1.7.

"Man, it's a 3-point league, I'm going to get a rhythm," Pierce laughed. "I'm going to catch a rhythm. [Expletive], I'll miss the first three [shots], but the next three [shots] are going to go in, and then I got my rhythm. Y'all crazy, I'm going to get a rhythm."

Allen responded to Pierce comically, "You ain't never lost your confidence, I'll give you that!"

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