Olive branch? KG shows Ray Allen love for making NBA 75 list


Kevin Garnett's icy relationship with Ray Allen is beginning to thaw.

The Boston Celtics' "Big Three" of Garnett, Allen and Paul Pierce all were named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team, which was comprised of the 75 greatest players in NBA history (technically 76 due to one tie) as voted on by a panel of current and former players, coaches, executives and media members.

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And wouldn't you know it: Garnett used his Instagram story to compliment both Pierce and Allen on their inclusion. Allen shared Garnett's shout-out on his own Instagram story in apparent appreciation, as well.

While KG's gesture may not seem like much, it's essentially the first time he's acknowledged Allen in a positive light since Allen left the Celtics to sign with the rival Miami Heat in 2012 free agency.

In fact, Garnett has gone out of his way not to acknowledge Allen in recent years, most recently cropping his ex-teammate out of a photo featuring Celtics players at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game. KG felt betrayed by Allen joining forces with the team that had just eliminated the C's in the 2011 playoffs, and in 2020 said this of the future Hall of Famer, via The Boston Globe:

"Ray made a decision; I wouldn’t expect Ray to be at anything of mine. And vice versa. If I see him, I’ll speak. I’ll say hello to his family like always. He knows that decision altered and made us all feel different."

Garnett, Allen and Pierce all were present during the 2021 Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony in September, however. Pierce already has mended fences with Allen, so perhaps Garnett also took a step in that direction while in Springfield.

Garnett and Allen likely won't be best friends anytime soon -- KG's Instagram story Thursday night also included a photo of him, Pierce and Rajon Rondo, with Allen conspicuously absent -- but it's good to see two legends of the sport recognize each other's greatness.

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