NBA fines Rondo $25,000 for attempting to trip Crowder in Game 3


CHICAGO -- This has not been Rajon Rondo’s week.
First there was the fractured right thumb fracture that will keep likely keep him out for the remainder of Chicago’s first-round series with Boston.
And now comes the news that the former Celtic will be fined $25,000 for an attempted tripping incident involving Boston’s Jae Crowder in the first half of Boston’s 104-87 Game 3 win on Friday.
Crowder had made a 3-pointer near the Bulls’ bench. He then turned towards the bench and started running up court. Replays show Rondo stretching out his right leg in between strides taken by Crowder.
When asked about what appeared to be him trying to trip Crowder up, Rondo said his right leg -- the one he had surgically repaired following a torn ACL injury in 2013 -- sometimes stiffens up when he’s on the bench so all he was doing was trying to stretch it at that time.
I asked Jae Crowder about the incident as he was leaving practice on Saturday at Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he told “Was it intentional?”
Apparently, the league thought so.

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